Long Term Relationships

posted: Friday, May 10, 2013

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Sometimes the best tips are just reminders of things we have known for years, but lose track of when we get busy. In that spirit, let’s spend the next few weeks talking about some of those things.

Sometimes, without even knowing it, we only focus on our customers that are “bigger” or “more important.” It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just human nature. So the reminder today is simple: every customer deserves your absolute best.

Let’s take a jeweler for example; the young man who is putting a promise ring in layaway deserves the same level of customer service as the customer who just bought the 4ct. engagement ring. The goal of any salesperson is to sell as much as possible and there’s nothing wrong with that, selling is how we make a living. Therefore the more we sell, the better we do.

As we know, however, success in sales does not happen by selling one time to one customer. It happens by selling to the same customers over and over again. The customer who made the big purchase may very well be a repeat customer and that’s great, but the first time customer also has the potential to turn into a lifetime customer.

So while, on that day, you made more on the second customer, the first customer is just as important. Take the time to deliver the same level of customer service to them, and start to develop a relationship that will lead to a customer for life. That first sale or two won’t net you a huge commission, but the time you take to build the relationship will lead to bigger things in the future.

The point is simple; every customer is important and they must be treated like they are your only customer. Anyone can sell something to someone once, but that’s not what sales are about. Sales are about establishing relationships with all of your customers that will lead to a lifetime of commissions for you, and satisfaction for them.

Remember this and you will be in great shape; how much you sell to anyone person is far less important than the relationships you establish with those who you sell to. Sales is all about the relationships that are developed.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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