Objections - Part Four

posted: Friday, June 5, 2015

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Our look at handling objections continues with a look at the value objection. Just as we did with the stall objection, we will use a scenario to illustrate how to overcome a value objection.

Prospect: Ok, I need to talk to my wife. I’ll let you know.

Salesperson: I can certainly understand you wanting to talk it over with your wife, it’s an important decision, isn’t it?

Prospect: Yes, we always make these decisions together.

Salesperson: I completely understand, may I ask you a question before you leave today?

Prospect: Yes.

Salesperson: How did you feel about the room in the car, it seems like it would be perfect for your needs.

Prospect: That was great, exactly what we are looking for with three kids.

Salesperson: How did you feel about the color?

Prospect: That’s something I want to talk to my wife about, she’s not a big fan of red.

Salesperson: The color is important and I understand why you would want to discuss it, how did you feel about the price?

Prospect: Well to be honest, I thought the price was a little high. (Specific objection)

Salesperson: I understand. Is the price of this car too high or is it simply more than you wanted to spend today?

Prospect: I thought the price was too high.

Salesperson: I understand that. (Fix it-pull out your powerful benefit and add a new reason to buy.) “There is one thing I forgot to add, however. This particular car also comes with a five year service warranty. That includes all oil changes and any repairs the vehicle may need.”

Prospect: I didn’t realize that. That would save a lot of money in those five years and that makes the price today much more manageable.

Salesperson: Ask for the sale.

When a customer has a value objection, it can often be overcome by simply adding value to the product in question.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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