Let Them Sell Themselves!

posted: Thursday, March 5, 2009

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As salespeople, we have all heard the stereotypes of what we do for a living and yes, they are still out there. People still hear the word salesperson and their thought process still goes to the idea that a salesperson will do "anything" in order to make a sale. It is not practical to think you will not have to deal with some customers who feel that way. It is never a good idea to shrink your customer pool, so the question becomes how do you handle or sell the customer who does not want to be "sold?"

The first thing we need to do is let them know that, you as a salesperson are there primarily to help them meet their wants and needs. The stereotype about pushy salespeople comes from the salesperson that will not stop talking, or at least part of it does. We know that is not the case, or should not be, and that is why we have non-business and business conversations. The customers that do not want to be "sold" probably want to be a part of the process; they just may not know that is what they want.

They are probably going to come in with the attitude that they will not let the salesperson push them into, or sell them something they do not want. The fastest and easiest way to ease that customer’s anxiety is to involve them in the process. Allow them, in many ways, to guide the conversation. Then as they tell you what they are looking for, you can begin to ask questions that will allow you to be able to meet their wants and needs.

At this point, you are no longer selling to the customer but the two of you are working as a team towards the same goal, a satisfied customer. Your job as a salesperson in a case like this is not any less important, it is just different. You are still there to provide options and any product expertise needed, but you also work in tandem with the customer allowing them to control the presentation.

Once the customer is satisfied and headed out the door, chances are they are going to feel like they "won." However, so did you because whether they know it or not they will come back to you when they are ready to buy again. If a customer does not want to be "sold," then help them "sell" themselves.

FINAO - Brad Huisken - IAS Training

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