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posted: Friday, July 26, 2013

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No matter how much you know, there are always going to be questions you cannot answer. Even if you’ve been in the field of sales for 30-40 years, there are going to be times when you need to research an issue to get an answer.

There’s nothing wrong with telling a customer that you don’t have the answer but you will find it and get back to them. What you don’t want to do is get caught making up an answer because you were afraid of losing a sale. Customers are going to walk away much more often if you lie to them as opposed to seeking out assistance in getting an answer to their question.

A couple of months ago we were having an issue with our cable bill; I think I may have mentioned it in an earlier article. The first person I spoke to obviously had no idea what I was asking them but instead of transferring me to the person who could assist me, they tried to fake their way through the phone call. In the end, my issue was not resolved and I was completely frustrated.

After waiting a couple of days, I called the company back and explained my issue to another representative. This time the person listened, made sure he understood the issue by repeating it back to me and then said, “I can’t help you with that, but I know who can.” He transferred me to the right person and my issue was solved within minutes.

The biggest thing customers are looking for from a salesperson or a customer service representative is someone who can get them the help they need. Most of the time, you are going to be able to answer the questions you need to answer for your customers. However, when you don’t know or don't have the answer, don’t guess. Be honest and say, "I don’t know the answer to that but I will find out for you."

Just because you went to someone else for an answer to a specific question does not mean you have lost that customer, or that sale. On the contrary, the customer will probably trust you more because you went the extra mile to find the answer. Not knowing is not a sin, guessing is. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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