posted: Saturday, February 20, 2016

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Positive attitude and personality create the foundation for interacting with customers in a stellar fashion. Customers gravitate toward people who exude a positive attitude in everything they do. To begin with, appearance clearly demonstrates the level of regard an individual holds for him/herself. Perhaps this shouldn't really matter in a business transaction--but ultimately it DOES!

Finding happiness in the activities one does translates into looking forward to--that enthusiasm and joy that draws people toward us. Confidence and social ease increase the likelihood that the customer perceives a winning attitude from the salesperson; winners take challenges in stride and use them as building blocks to create lasting relationships which are productive and meaningful. Communicating effectively produces trust on both sides of the sales transaction. Incorporating humor, being sincere, searching for common ground with customers and being honest all add value to customer/salesperson interactions.

Greeting all customers with warmth and camaraderie starts the sales conversation off on an energetic and positive track toward a mutually satisfying experience. For the customer, it translates into the thought that, "This salesperson genuinely likes me and wants to please me with this sale!"

What follows is the opportunity to find the ultimate solution for the customer at the fairest price. A salesperson's thorough knowledge of each of the benefits and features of each product allows the "tailoring" of the entire transaction to meet the specific qualifications of the customer. This customization of the products available to meet the needs of the customer is a huge hit of SPARKLE!

Complete and thorough absorption of the advantages and disadvantages of any given product create the foundation for the highest quality demonstrations! Intricate demonstrations free up more energy and ability to build rapport with the customer and verify more precisely what impresses the customer about the product and diffuses disqualifying objections. Being able to hear and provide for the needs of the customer cements the confidence on both sides of the transaction that the product and the service are ideal for the customer!

Effectively interacting with each customer considering the unique challenges of a particular sales transaction is the cornerstone of CUSTOMER SERVICE! Being allowed the privilege of serving the individual with the aim of specifically providing for their heart's desire is, at its essence, the sole reason for commerce! The more accurately that salespeople can provide that level of customer service is the ultimate SPARKLE!

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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