The Holidays III

posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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The holidays, for the most part, are fun and most people enjoy them. Many people also enjoy the shopping that comes with the holidays and actually look forward to getting out in the crowds. Those perspective customers are easy for salespeople to work with; they generally have an idea of what they want and enjoy talking about their needs and wants.

The challenge for salespeople at this time of year are those people who know they have to shop and get this done, but they hate it. They would rather be doing anything else. This is where the professional salesperson needs to understand a few things that are in play for the next two months.

  • Short-tempers: Understand that otherwise nice people are going to have moments during the holiday season where they are not nice, and they may take it out on you. Understand that it’s not personal and probably has nothing to do with you, but you happen to be the one that was there when they needed to vent. Do your best to let it roll off your back and offer any assistance you can. If you can take their frustration and turn it into a solution, then you probably have a new customer.
  • Time differs: Some customers will happily take their time and be willing to engage in conversations. Others will have a list and they just want to get in and out. As a salesperson you need to recognize what your customers are looking for and how best to get them what they want.
  • Be an expert: This is always important as a salesperson but even more so during the holidays. Remember you will be dealing with a number of people who never step foot in a store the rest of the year and are counting on your expertise to help them. Make sure you do your homework and stay up on all the current information regarding products, specials, warranties etc.
  • Think about the future: Salespeople are going to work with more new customers during this time than any other time of the year. When the opportunity presents itself, take the time to try and establish a repeat customer base or increase your current base. If you can help them at this time of year, then maybe you can help them in July.

The holidays are crazy for a lot of people, and if a salesperson can provide a moment of calmness for even one customer, then it was a success.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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