Tailoring Customer Service

posted: Saturday, March 7, 2020

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Providing the best customer service to each person requires a basic knowledge of the preferences for each. What is helpful for one customer may be a major annoyance for another. Quality customer service involves tailoring to each individual, the services and approaches that make their buying experience both memorable and appropriate to their particular situation.

A salesperson's knowledge of their customers' circumstances is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction a particular person derives from the sales interaction. If the sales opportunity is a quick "Pick-Up-the-Item-and-Get-Back-Home" encounter, trying to engage the customer in a lengthy conversation most likely will produce a disastrous result. Similarly, the quick, impersonal interaction with the customer who indicates a desire for a discussion of the merits of each product feature or a social interaction will cause the perceived quality of service to be less than positive. Alertness on the part of the salesperson to clues, both physical/non-verbal and verbal/social determine the better approach to each customer. As a salesperson, being flexible and sincere in the desire to please each and every customer opens the way for successful service. Being open to further interactions with customers invites them to expand the opportunities for depth for relationship in the sales setting. Appropriately and respectfully meeting their purchasing need establishes the trust and expertise which form the bases of ongoing relationships. It is logical to assume that salespersons have people skills and the interest levels essential to meeting the needs of a diverse "collection" of purchasing "friends." Constantly striving to improve interactions on many levels with as many social encounters as possible keeps those sales skills and genuine desires to be of service finely tuned and at the ready for all customers!

As a salesperson's customer base grows, it becomes increasingly important and useful to maintain records of each customer's preferences and "wish lists." Remembering that customer Sam just returned from a golf vacation is a great conversation opener. Knowing that Mrs. Jones has 13 grandchildren lets her know that you value the trust she has placed in you to grant the wishes of all of those whom she holds so dear. Even noting that Mr. Jackson is a harried and distracted executive can be helpful information not to entice him into lengthy family-type conversations.

The goal is to provide the highest quality service to each individual that you encounter during the course of your business. All the tools that you can employ in doing this are valuable resources to both your customer and you!

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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