Attitude Does Matter!

posted: Friday, March 13, 2009

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When some people think of salespeople, they think of independent contractors that just happen to work for a larger company. In essence, that is certainly true, any salesperson should think of themselves as building their own business within another business. That is the nature of this business and yes, it is competitive, even amongst those we work with. However, I do not believe that means words like teamwork; morale and unity do not and cannot apply. In the economic times we are living in today, maybe we should be paying more attention to those types of words.

I am sure we have all worked in a job where maybe the job itself was not that bad but the atmosphere was so toxic, that everyone that worked there had fallen victim to a bad attitude. It only takes one or two people who have a "bad" attitude or who are not willing to pull their weight to drag everyone else down. Of course, I understand that we all want to be the one to close the next sale but I also understand that a positive work environment benefits everyone, including the customers.

As a sales manager, or as a salesperson, there are many things you can do in order to foster an environment where everyone will thrive. First, I think it is important that you remember that you are a part of a sales team with the key word being team. Yes, any salesperson wants to make the sale themselves but the primary goal of your "team" is to satisfy the customer. If that means it takes more than one of you to make a sale, then you do it because that is what it takes to satisfy the customer. Every now and then, a baseball player has to bunt a person over to the next base for the good of the team, do not be afraid to bunt.

More importantly, though, is take some time to get to know the people you are selling with both on a professional and personal level. I am not saying you have to like everyone you work with but by taking to time to get to know them, you start to build bonds and relationships that will make your work place a more fun place to be. When people have fun and enjoy what they are doing, productivity rises and so do sales and profits. Attitude does matter!

FINAO - Brad Huisken - IAS Training

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