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posted: Thursday, May 10, 2012

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Recently I was reviewing some of the articles that we’ve done over the years and one thing struck me: the customer. We don’t talk enough about the customer and their role in the selling process.  We constantly discuss the importance of quality customer service. I can hear all of you saying, "Well, of course the customer is important."  However, I am talking about something more than just treating the customer right; I am talking about truly involving the customer in the process.

When a customer comes into buy the product that you are selling, they already have some level of interest, otherwise they would not be there. The interest level will vary from person to person, but a professional salesperson will use their interest through getting the customer involved. When people hear the phrase sales presentation, they think of a salesperson talking and showing the product to the customer. Why do we do that? We know what the product feels like, looks like and so on. Give the product to your customer and let them start to posses it from the very beginning.

The primary benefit of doing this is to simply involve your customer in the process. We all feel more invested in something if we are involved from the start. If a salesperson is showing you an engagement ring through the glass, do you really feel invested or involved? However, if you are encouraged to hold the ring and picture putting it on your girlfriend’s finger, then the customer is more likely to feel invested. The second benefit is starting the process of your customer taking possession and ownership of the product. It sounds like a small thing, but if a customer is able to handle the product, they are starting to take possession. It may not always lead to a sale, but it’s much more likely than if they never touch the item.

Salespeople have all kinds of tools and techniques.  While all are important to success, don’t forget the most important thing. The customer knows what they want better than you do; involve them in the selling process from the start and they will start to feel the same investment as you do as the salesperson.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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