Closing Is The Only Start

posted: Friday, February 17, 2012

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Every salesperson wants to get to part of the sale where the close the deal, right? Of course that's the primary goal of every salesperson, to close the sale but is that the end? When most people, including salespeople, hear that the deal had been closed, they think that's the last step. However it is not, it should really be considered the first step. The most important things a salesperson can do are build relationships that turn into repeat customers. If that's the goal, then closing a sale should be the beginning of that relationship.

If you and your customer have gone through the selling process including; non-business conversations, business conversations, handling objections and so on then closing that one sale should not be the ultimate goal. Of course and closed sale is a good thing but it's hard to make a living selling one time to every single customer. Because you were able to close that sale, it is safe to say that a level of trust has been built between you and the customer. This is an excellent time to remind the customer of what you can offer in the future; this is not a time to be shy.

For example, if your customer is buying an engagement ring for his fiancé then it's safe to say that he is probably going to need wedding rings, birthday gifts, holiday gifts and so on. A professional salesperson is going to see this as an opportunity to establish a customer for life. Ok, maybe not life but you get the idea. Remind your customer of your wedding ring inventory and the wide variety of jewelry that you have for any occasion. You are not "taking advantage" of the customer, you are building on the trust you have built with the customer to satisfy their future needs.

So remember, it's easy to view closing a sale as the final step but in many respects it is hopefully the start of a long-term relationship between you and your customer. If you can close a sale and establish an ongoing relationship, then you have made a sale today and many more in the future.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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