posted: Friday, December 2, 2011

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As we approach the holidays, we also continue to live in an economy that is tough on so many people. It is always the job of a professional salesperson to get to know their customers, what they want, and then help them determine the best way to accomplish that. That is especially true in these trying times.

Most people still want to enjoy the holidays and do as much as they can with what they do have. It is the salesperson’s job to help them do that. There are all kinds of tools and programs that can make it easier for your customers to enjoy the upcoming holidays. Anyone who has been a salesperson for more than five minutes knows about layaway, but do we use it enough? Do we offer it enough to our customers? My experience tells me that we do not; but we should.

When a prospect tells a salesperson that they would love to buy the product, but the price is just too high, the response often goes something like this. "I understand times are tough. We have a credit program for which you might qualify." In this day and age, most people have no interest in taking on more credit and another monthly bill that will last for years. It’s not the job of a salesperson to protect their customer’s personal finances, of course, but it is their job to give the customer what they want while feeling comfortable.

A layaway plan is a perfect fit in this type of situation. A customer can put the product they want in layaway, and pay over a period of time. A program like this is a great tool for salespeople at any time, but even more so during the holiday season. Some customers have heard of layaway but don’t know exactly how it works, and others may not have ever heard about a layaway program. If you are faced with a price objection and it really is a matter of budget, that’s the perfect time to explain your layaway plan. Make sure you know how the plan works, and be prepared to answer any question that your customer may have about it.

In addition to making the sale today, chances are the customer will be so pleased that you were able to help them get what they wanted, that you have also gained a repeat customer.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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