Customer Service Standards Part - 4!

posted: Friday, September 30, 2011

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Here we are, back again to review more customer service standards. I know that many of these are simple, but they are so vital to the selling process.

Make It Fun: Last time we talked about how important a simple smile can be, and this goes right along with that. If something is not fun, it’s probably not worth doing. Selling should be fun and, honestly, it is the only way anyone is going to be good at it. If someone despises selling, then they are never going to sell anything. On the other hand, if you love it, then chances are you are going to be extremely successful. We can teach you all of the techniques in the world and they are important, but there’s no substitute having a good time in what you are doing. In addition, your customers want to have fun as they make their purchases. A professional salesperson wants to share in their fun. If a customer is buying an engagement ring, chances are they are going to be pretty excited. As a salesperson, share in that excitement and selling becomes both easier and more fun.

Go The Extra Mile: Almost every salesperson is going to meet a minimum standard of customer service, they have to or they are never going to sell anything. So how can you stand out? Simple, go the extra mile and do something to ensure that your prospect’s buying experience is a memorable one. It takes just a little extra time and effort to set yourself apart from your competition. In the example above, we talked about someone buying an engagement ring, and how the salesperson can make it fun. Once the transaction has been completed, go the extra mile. You just sold what is probably a fairly expensive ring; you can afford to buy a bottle of champagne to give to your customer that can be used to celebrate when she says yes. Some other examples: send a thank you note, include a box of candy, or gift wrap for free. Simply, do something that will make yourself stand out from your competition and enhances the buying experience.

That concludes our look at the customer service standards and why they are so important. Our society continues to progress and technology is always advancing but nothing should ever take the place of high-quality customer service.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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