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posted: Friday, August 19, 2011

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Today I want to do something a little different. It’s a story about customer service but it requires some background information. In the end, though, you will have read about an excellent example of high quality customer service.

My nephew receives disability and had a company represent him during the application process. From day one, they made him feel at ease and answered every question that he had. On days when he was nervous about something he got in the mail, a phone call from Social Security or just needed a reassuring word, they were always there. All of that by itself is exactly the type of customer service that we talk about and should demand in the field of sales.

The story I am going to share you now, though, goes beyond even exceptional customer service and deserves a mention today. As most of you know, our country just got through a crisis involving the debt ceiling. Many of you also know that people who receive social security benefits were told that if an agreement was not reached, that their August checks may not be sent. My nephew was extremely nervous for those two or three weeks leading up to the August 2nd deadline and researched the internet on a daily basis about the situation. Most of what he was able to find only added to his stress level, but then it happened.

The company that represented him in his initial claim called him. Did you read that? They called him a week before the deadline and told him, "While we cannot be 100% sure, we would be shocked if there was any disruption to social security benefits." The company said that they had received many calls from their clients who were worried, so they decided to try and calm all of their customers down by calling every single one of them.

Customer service is about making the customer feel comfortable and good about what they have purchased. Calling your customer base during a crisis, such as the debt ceiling, to assure them that everything will be fine represents the highest quality of customer service. Of course a deal was reached and social security checks went out as they normally do, but because of the customer service standards set forth by this company, my nephew was able to relax well before the deadline.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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