Turnovers – Part Four

posted: Friday, June 10, 2011

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You've decided it is time to turn your sale over, when to do it, and to whom you want to turn it over. The only thing remaining is how to effectively turn over a sale. We will discuss two types of turnovers - Technical and Formal.

The Technical turnover is simply the act of bringing in another salesperson that has more expertise on a particular product. You can either turn the sale over completely, or you can continue the sale yourself after getting the advice needed. It is best to develop a strategy beforehand so you both know how it is going to go.

The steps to a Technical Turnover:
  1. Let the prospect know that you are going to get someone to answer their questions.
  2. Introduce the person by name.
  3. Review your prospect's question(s) with the expert.
  4. Either excuse yourself and leave if the expert is completely taking over or tell the expert, "Thank You" to indicate that you are remaining with the prospect.
The Formal Turnover is one where you are completely turning the sale over to another salesperson. You should be nowhere near the balance of the presentation and completely out of the picture. The steps to a formal turnover are:
  1. Excuse yourself from the prospect only if absolutely necessary. I would rather you signal another person.
  2. Introduce the other person by name and justification (i.e. to get a women's opinion, we work opposite schedules, etc.)
  3. Follow the four criteria for a turnover. 1) the reason for the turnover 2) the objection the customer gave 3) the price whether you have talked about it or not 4) an opportunity for a non-business conversation.
  4. Let your prospect know that they are in good hands and excuse yourself from the prospect.
You will discover that in a lot of cases the prospect will go with the exact same product that the two of you were discussing, but they may go in the opposite direction. The bottom line is a sale was made and the prospect left happy. For whatever reason, they just needed a different personality. In a successful turnover, everyone wins. The prospect gets the product they want and between you and the other salesperson, a sale was made.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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