The Double Reverse

posted: Friday, April 8, 2011

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We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about attempting an adding-on to each and every sale. The last technique I would like to examine today involves a little more sophisticated strategy and it is called the double reverse. This is a particularly effective strategy in bumping a minor sale up to a major one. Below are some examples of how the double reverse works.
  • Here at ABC Jewelers not only can we take care of the engagement ring, we can also take care of the wedding bands, bride’s gift, groom’s gift and probably most of your attendants’ gifts as well.
  • Not only can we take care of a special gift for your wife, we can also take care of anybody else that you have on your Mothers’ Day gift giving list as well.
  • Based on what we’ve discussed, I know that we can find the perfect dining room set. We can also take care of any other accessories, wall coverings, window coverings or center piece that you might need.
If the customer says yes then you are well on your way to bumping a minor sale up to a major sale and will raise your average amount of your completed sales. Your closing rate average (CRA) is certainly important but raising the average amount of your sales is just as important.
That completes our look at the add-on as both a benefit, and as a close. Some of the basics to remember:
  • Add-on or attempt to add-on to every sale.
  • Adding-on is a customer service--a customer may not always know that the product they are buying needs additional item(s) for the main item to work correctly.
  • Keep adding-on, let the customer tell you when they are done.
  • Adding-on is a great way to upgrade a sale.
  • The add-on does not have to cost less.
Always ask yourself after every sale: Could I have added-on more? Did I take care of all of the customer’s needs?

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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