Sales Contests – Part Two!

posted: Friday, February 4, 2011

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We began talking about contests and the positive effect they can have for both your salespeople and your total sales. We also know in order to have the desired result, they must be run correctly. Today we will continue to examine all the elements needed to run an effective and fun contest.
  • In order for a contest to work, the reward or prize must be of value to all involved in the contest. If the reward is two tickets to a baseball game but not everyone likes baseball, then the contest is only interesting to the baseball fans. There is no prize that will be of equal value to all but there are things that most people will probably enjoy: a day off, a gift certificate for dinner, or straight cash. In short, pick a prize that you believe will motivate most of your staff.
  • Keep in mind the prize or reward does not have to cost a lot. Providing the winner of the contest with an extra day off really doesn’t cost you anything but may be priceless to the winner.
  • In addition to individual contests, team contests can also be run to promote teamwork in your organization. For example, you can set up two teams of salespeople and the team with the most sales wins the reward. Not only does this promote teamwork but it also allows salespeople to assist one another. If one salesperson is really good at closing, then maybe during the contest they will help a teammate improve their closing techniques.
  • Make sure you change the teams for each team contest that you run. The purpose of team contests is to promote unity amongst your staff and you cannot do that if the teams are always made up of the same people.
  • The best contests are set up so everyone can win. Make sure that your new salesperson has every bit the shot to win as your top salesperson. To do this you may have to base the contest on each person’s average sales and measure the results by who does the best based on the averages.
Contests are designed to increase sales but they are also there to make the job fun while promoting teamwork. Take the time to ensure your contests have all of these elements, and you will reap the ultimate reward.

FINAO -Brad Huisken

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