Sales Manager’s New Year’s Resolutions!

posted: Friday, January 7, 2011

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  • I will institute and enforce non-negotiable sales and customer service standards.
  • I will conduct one Staff Training Meeting per week.
  • I will have a scheduled one-on-one meeting with each sales staff member per week and document.
  • I will listen in on a minimum of 3 sales presentations per staff member per week.
  • I will accumulate and react to productivity statistics.
  • I will be on the floor, coaching, training, handling overflow, accepting turnovers and doing take-overs 80% of the time worked in the store.
  • I will lead by example.
  • I will have a "whatever-it-takes to get the job done" mentality.
  • I will provide the leadership, knowledge, training, incentives, and consequences, in order to recruit, hire, retain, and maintain a successful sales staff.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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