Add-ons, Part 2!

posted: Friday, March 11, 2011

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We started talking about the benefits of the add-on close the last time we were together and how those benefits include more than just another close. Let's continue to examine the different aspects of the add-on close.

One of the primary questions is what to add-on. The answer is always different, depending on the product you are selling, and the needs and wants of the customer. We talked about an example of a customer buying a necklace and the salesperson adding-on a pair of earrings, but there is more to consider. This is where your other skills as a salesperson come into play. During your non-business conversation and in the needs assessment, you very well could've determined if the necklace was for a special occasion or for everyday use. If the customer tells you that the necklace is for her daughter's wedding, then you are probably going to suggest adding a pair of earrings that is designed for a more formal affair. If the necklace is for everyday use, including wearing to work, then you would be more likely to suggest a pair of earrings that says business and professionalism.

There is nothing that says an add-on only needs to be one item. Now that you've started, don't stop! As we continue with our necklace example, you've all ready added on a pair of earrings but why stop there? If your customer is buying a new necklace and a pair of earrings, maybe they would also like a new bracelet. Never stop attempting to add-on; make the customer say no. Adding-on is the only way to maximize each and every opportunity.

Regardless of what you sell, there are always going to be standard add-ons. For example, a salesperson who sells a computer should always attempt the add-on: discs, printers, programs and so on. The list of standard add-ons will, of course, differ depending on what you are selling. A professional salesperson commits those lists to memory and attempts to add-on to every sale.

As we've hinted in these discussions of add-ons, it can also be effectively used to close a sale. Next time we will delve into what those closes entail and how best to execute them. Until then, make sure you are attempting to every sale you complete.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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