The Reflexive Close

posted: Friday, April 22, 2011

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The reflexive close is quite simply a reflex response given by the salesperson to a question asked by the prospect, after both trust and value have been established. This close is also one of the most frequently missed closes in the field of sales. If the customer is providing you with an opportunity to close the sale with the question they ask, take advantage of it. The reflexive close doesn’t sound pushy or aggressive, as long as you have established trust and value. The fact that the customer asked the question should also be considered a buying sign.

Below are some examples of the reflexive close. Remember one of the main keys in this is to listen to your customer.
  • Prospect: Do you deliver?
  • Salesperson: Yes we do, what day would you like delivery?
  • Prospect: Does this model come in black?
  • Salesperson: It sure does, would you like yours in black?
  • Prospect: Can I get a service agreement with this?
  • Salesperson: Sure, would you like me to write up the contract with the service agreement for your new ____?
  • Prospect: Can I set up a payment plan?
  • Salesperson: No problem, let’s sit down and we’ll write everything up for you.
It is vital that you answer the prospect’s initial question before delivering the reflexive question. If you fail to answer the question that they asked, you run the risk of hurting the trust and value that you’ve already established. The customer is also more likely to respond favorably to your reflexive question is you’ve answered their first question.

If you notice in the examples above, I’ve given them possession of the object in the salesperson’s answers. By using possessive words like "your" within the reflexive question, you have already started the process of transferring ownership. Even in the worst case scenario, you’ve answered the prospect’s question. If they respond to the reflexive question with an objection, then you know how to handle those. However if it works, then you’ve closed the sale.

As stated earlier, this is one close that salespeople often miss, or do not use enough. If used correctly, the reflexive close can be one of the most effective. So make sure you are listening to your customers. You never know when the opportunity to close might present itself.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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