The Reduce-To-The-Ridiculous Close

posted: Friday, May 6, 2011

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As we continue to talk about all the different types of closes, there are a couple of things that I hope you have noticed. First, each close has a specific purpose and is designed for certain situations and customers. Which close you choose to use depends on each situation and your comfort with a particular closing technique. The second thing to remember is while all closes are different, they all have the same purpose. Any time you close, the object is to finish the sale. So whichever close you are using for a given sale should be done with the idea of hearing, "I'll take it."

The Reduce-To-The-Ridiculous Close is an old close and continues to be used by most everyone to this day. Obviously it works, or it would not have been around for as long as it has, especially for selling higher priced goods and services. While the cost of an item may be high as a total amount, dividing the total over a number of factors, for example: months, years or locations, makes the seemingly higher price more affordable.

While any product or service must provide perceived value to the customer, it also has to fit into their budget and that often means breaking it down into monthly payments that work for them. That is what the reduce-to-the-ridiculous close will accomplish. Below is an example of how this technique might look like:

  • Let's say you are selling an expensive engagement ring to a young man. However, he cannot afford the total price now but does not need the ring for a year. The ring costs $2500.00 and he can pay $500.00 today, leaving $2000.00. While the $2000 number is probably still out of his price range, $166 may fit right into his budget. $166.00 a month for 12 months will get the young man the engagement ring he wants for his bride. So $166.00 a month becomes much more affordable than the total of $2500.00 right now.
How you word the reduce-to-the-ridiculous-close is up to you, but I will tell you it is an extremely effective close for more expensive purchases. It allows you to give your customers a different option for their purchase.

This close will continue to be used with great frequency. It reduces the total amount to an affordable monthly amount and that is how a majority of people live, month to month.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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