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posted: Friday, September 2, 2011

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We spend a lot of time talking about sales techniques, closing techniques, and how to overcome objections. Don’t get me wrong; all of those things are vital to the success of a professional salesperson and we will continue to offer suggestions/examples to assist you in improving in all of those areas. Today, however, I would like to talk about something that we have no control over: change. It’s true that we can’t control most of the changes that occur around us but we can control our response to those changes, and that’s what I want to touch on today.

Think about a salesperson thirty years ago: no cell phones, no internet, no Twitter or Facebook. Yet they were able to establish a repeat customer base. Of all the things we have talked about over the years, one of the most important is establishing a repeat customer base. Now more than ever, our technology makes it so much easier. If salespeople are willing to change with technology, then there should never be a limit to how much they can sell.

I know a salesperson who sells cars, and since he started using his personal Facebook page to get the word out about sales, his personal sales have increased substantially. I also know someone who loves both sports and writing, so much so that he started his own blog and now has a loyal following. The point of both of these examples is simply that technology, when used for good, can have an awesome impact.

The fastest way to increase sales is to get the word out to as many potential customers as possible, and tools such as Facebook, Twitter, email and other such things should be embraced by all salespeople. There’s never a substitute for the personal touch and face-to-face conversation with your customers, but using the latest advances in technology makes it easier for a salesperson to engage in more of those face-to-face conversations.

Change and technology are not the enemies of selling. On the contrary, they make the process easier. We live in an ever changing world and it will be the salespeople who continue to embrace those changes that will continue to increase their sales.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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