It is the Little Things That Make a World of Difference!

posted: Friday, January 13, 2012

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There are virtually hundreds of ways to provide excellent customer service, but a lot of times it is the simplest ways that mean the most. Salespeople provide customer service for many reasons, but one of the biggest is to create a repeat customer base. A friend of mine and his wife recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and discovered numerous examples of quality customer service.

About a week before their anniversary, my friends received a notice in the mail from the store where they purchased their wedding rings. Inside were a card and an offer for a free pair of earrings as a gift for their first anniversary. As you will continue to see in the following example, all the store did was use an event that was going to happen anyway in order to provide customer service. The fact that the store remembered their anniversary and offered a gift to help them celebrate is a great way to ensure future business.

While my friends were out of town celebrating they went out to eat and through conversations with their waitress, it came out that they were in town for their first anniversary. The waitress provided excellent service and told the manager about the anniversary couple. When the check arrived, so did a free desert from the manager in honor of my friend’s special day. As we mentioned above and many times in the past, one goal of customer service is to establish a repeat customer base. Little did this restaurant know at the time that they would reap those benefits twenty-four hours later.

My friends enjoyed their time so much at that restaurant that they decided to go back the next night. There was a different group of people working there that night and once again my friend’s anniversary came up, and once again they received a free desert in honor of their anniversary. The restaurant now has two customers who will always return when they visit that town, and all they did with help a young couple celebrate.

The bottom line in these stories is that customer service, when done right, should be simple. There were no fancy slogans or advertisements in these examples, all these two companies did was take an everyday event and make that event just a little bit better.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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