Be Prepared for Success

posted: Friday, January 31, 2014

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New salespeople, it seems, are always told be prepared to hear the word NO a lot. I understand the thinking behind it and there is a great deal of truth in that advice. A new salesperson will probably hear “no” far more than they will hear “I’ll take it.” However, what we often fail to tell our new salespeople is that you also have to be prepared for yes.

It sounds strange to say, but are you prepared for and expecting success? We see hundreds of articles about dealing with objections, saving the sale and how to deal with the word no, but how many articles do you see on handling prosperity? Let’s see if we can change that just a little by asking this question, are you prepared for the next yes? Here are three things to remember from the start through the end of a presentation:

  • Prepare for success: It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However you would be surprised at how many salespeople assume most customers are not going to buy, so when they do get a yes, the most surprised person in the room is the one making the presentation. Prepare for each day, each presentation and each conversation with the idea that it’s going to end in a sale.
  • Be prepared to deliver: During the course of you presentation, you probably said something to the effect of “If you buy today, then …….” You must be ready to follow through any of those types of promises once the customer says, “I’ll take it.”
  • Be prepared to follow up: Depending on what you are selling, prepare to follow through on the sale. If you are selling bigger ticket items, then a thank you note or a follow up call is always a great idea. As we know, repeat customers are the lifeline for salespeople and this is the perfect time to nurture that. Remind the customer that you will be there for all of their future needs and make sure they know how to contact you.

There’s no question that as a salesperson you are going to see more rejection than any of us would like, but that doesn’t mean you should brace for it. On the contrary, you should prepare for success. Expect every customer to say yes and you will be better prepared when they do.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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