You Never Know Who Is Listening!

posted: Friday, September 13, 2013

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When we think of a sales presentation, we usually think of one salesperson and one customer. However I had an experience recently that reminded me of one important fact: somebody is always listening.

I was at a local electronics store shopping for a new computer and I was patiently waiting for the salesperson to finish with another customer. As I was browsing some other stuff, I could hear the presentation that the salesperson was making to the other customer. As it turns out, the other customer was looking to buy the same type of computer that I was interested in.

The salesperson proceeded with the presentation and even did a demonstration that I managed to watch. The other customer asked many questions including many that I had circling in my head, and even some that I had never thought of. The other customer also raised a couple of real concerns about the particular computer in question, and the salesperson handled each of those to the point where I was comfortable.

The other customer ended up buying the computer and after the transaction was complete, the salesperson approached me. He apologized for the wait and asked me what he could help me with. As strange as it was for me to say, I said "I want to buy the computer that you just sold to the previous customer."

The salesperson was more than a little surprised and he asked me if I was sure. He wanted to know if I had any questions of if I wanted to see a demonstration and he was shocked by my answer. I explained that I’d seen the demonstration and all of my questions were answered during the presentation to the other customer.

The salesperson boxed up another computer, checked me out and had two sales with one presentation. The point is simple, you never know who is listening and being a professional is always a must.

Even if the customer before me had not decided to buy the computer, I was going to buy based on the presentation. So even when the customer right in front of you looks disinterested, just remember someone else might be listening and they might walk up to you and just say “I’ll take it.”

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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