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posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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I'm sure you've noticed that we live in a fast-paced world. Everyone wants what they want at the very moment they want it. In a lot of ways, that kind of technology is good; but is it good for the field of sales? There's no doubt, as we've discussed in the past, that a lot of the technological advances have made the job of a salesperson easier. However, it has also hurt customer service and quality. I was reminded of this through an experience that was shared with me by a friend; now I want to share it with you.

My friends were having their bathroom remodeled by a professional and were told it should only take a day or so to complete. In the end it took almost 2 days. Before you jump to the conclusion that this is a poor example of customer service, it's not. On the contrary, it's how service and quality should be delivered. The person performing was professional, polite and honest through the whole process. He told my friends that he could complete the job in the time frame that was given, but it would not be done right. The professional also included my friends in every decision, no matter how small, and took the time to explain everything he was doing. In the end, the job was completed in just less than 2 days and my friends are ecstatic. It should also be noted that despite the extra time it took to do the job right, my friends paid the exact price that was quoted to them at the start.

What's the point of all this? Simply, we are quickly losing the personal touch and the high level of quality we used to demand of ourselves and each other. Too many other companies would have completed the work order as quickly as possible, talked to the customer as little as possible and moved onto the next job.

Technology is great and it can help us all be better salespeople but nothing ever replaces customer service and quality. So remember this as you go through your days, make sure you are talking to your customers and giving them the service and quality that they deserve. It will take a little more time now, but in the long run, it will pay off and it's just the right thing to do!

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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