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posted: Friday, September 25, 2009

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Expectations? A word that can get a lot of people into trouble for many different reasons. We all have expectations for almost everything that we do on a daily basis. We expect our car to start, we expect the coffee shop to be open in the morning, and we certainly expect our paycheck to be there on time. The problem with expectations is that when they are not met, we often do not react the way we should. How does this relate to selling?

We've all lived in this economy for the past two years. Sometimes I think some start to use it as an excuse as to why they are not selling at a level at which they have become accustom. I am as guilty as anyone I suppose; I've written a number of articles in that time detailing various ways to "deal" with the struggling economy. I certainly stand behind what I wrote and still believe that all salespeople have to make various adjustments in deference to the economy. However, as the economy shows signs of improvement, we need to start to change our thinking and our approach.

This is where the word expectations come into play. I believe that everyone, not just salespeople, over the past two years has leaned on the crutch of "It's just the economy" and in many ways it has become a built in excuse for everything. I believe it is time to walk without the crutch again. Most indicators are pointing to the economy getting better, and as salespeople, it is time to change our expectations.

It's time to drop the expectation that people are just not going to buy because the economy is so bad. It's time to raise the expectations again. I believe that with the holidays around the corner, we should set our goals to reflect the improving economy. So as we discussed a couple of weeks ago, it's time to start gearing up for the holidays and the first step in doing so involves raising expectations. Go into every day with the idea that you are going to close the sale with every customer. If you begin to raise your expectations, then eventually the expectations of those you are selling to will follow. Expect to sell and you will!

FINAO: Failure Is Not An Option - Brad Huisken - President, IAS Training

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