Salespeople Are Assets

posted: Saturday, August 9, 2014

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When a customer comes into a store for the very first time, I don’t believe they are looking for the products that the store sells. I believe they are looking for a place and a person from whom to buy the product. Today with so many stores who sell the same products, customers are more likely to buy from a salesperson that they like and have developed a rapport with.

Because of this, it is vital that businesses and sales managers put their salespeople on the front lines. The name of the store might get a customer in the doors, but it is the work of the salespeople that will keep them there.

With so many choices these days, customers are looking for people they can trust, especially when it comes to a big purchase. If a gentleman has a positive experience with a salesperson while buying an engagement ring, then odds are that he will return to that same person for birthday gifts and anniversary gifts.

One couple that comes to mind told me that they have bought their last four cars from the same salesperson. That’s certainly not unusual but the second part of the story is. They bought those four cars from three different dealerships because the salesperson changed dealerships over the years. When they bought their last car, they drove over 100 miles just to work with that salesperson.

Is that an extreme example? Maybe, but the point remains the same: there no asset greater than the salespeople you choose to put on the front lines. There are also things a sales manager can do to help promote their salespeople. Here are a couple of those things to consider:

  • Most companies these days have a blog and/or a website that is updated regularly. Have your salespeople contribute to the website or blog by writing articles or having them contribute in an on-line chat. These things may not be applicable to every company out there, but the point is the same. Get your salespeople in front of your customers as much as possible, especially your regular customers.
  • Customers used to stay loyal to a particular business and that’s still possible, but salespeople play a much more important role today. As stated earlier, a store’s biggest asset is their salespeople. Make sure you are empowering them and letting them help you in attracting customers.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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