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posted: Friday, April 15, 2016

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Building upon your success as a salesperson strengthens both your skills and your commitment for excellence within your chosen career. Forming daily habits will simplify and smooth the path to career satisfaction.

As you successfully complete each transaction with your customer, ask them for the contact information of individuals with whom they would like to share their experiences. They might be aware of someone who would benefit from doing business with you. Directly inquiring of each customer often will spark a memory or conversation that they shared with one of their friends.

As soon as possible after the completion of each sale, put the icing on the cake by writing a heartfelt thank you note for the opportunity to contribute to their satisfaction--and to let them know that you look forward to your next encounter with them!

Frequently throughout the day, refer to your written goals and plans for today. Let those form the basis of your "What's Next" throughout the day. As you encounter each customer, mentally note what parts of the conversation went well and which parts might benefit from modification before the next sales presentation.

Once the habit of immediate thank you notes has been implemented, begin thinking about follow-up opportunities that you need to complete--those may be with this customer (to check back in a couple of days), or customers that haven't been in the store in a while, or customers with whom personal contact will ensure continuing relationships. Keeping quick notes on these conversations will enhance future interactions with each customer!

Use technology to assist you in creating and sending timely emails to your customers and to notate conversational tidbits that have been a part of the successful interactions you have with your customers.

As your day progresses and you are completing task after task and building relationships with the customers that you have engaged during this time, ticking items off the goal list, creating notes about each sale, and adding to your repertoire of customer service strategies both solidifies the accomplishments of each day, but forms the basis for tomorrow's goals and ToDos--exponentially exploding your potential for success as a salesperson! As your career satisfaction blossoms, the spill over spreads and your customers come away with huge smiles every single time!

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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