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posted: Friday, December 9, 2016

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The pace of the holiday season is at its frenetic height! On one hand there's the increased income of the season (yea!). On the other hand is the frustration of people not finding the gift items that they precisely want that don't break their budget (boo!). Many customers have procrastinated and are stressing because of that.

It becomes a challenge to maintain your own positive attitudes for the joy of the season while meeting the needs of the fussy, stressed-out, harried public. Consider that this is an opportunity to not only take charge of the selling conversation, but to improve and enhance the customer's experience with their shopping chores.

If your customer service not only includes the service at the point of sale, but includes making their season positive and adds meaning to the celebrations of the season, you have succeeded in more ways than you can calculate!

This phase of providing impeccable customer service has the potential to grow your business, perhaps more than at any other time of year. If you strive to make every encounter with customers a great experience--by following all the steps we have discussed:

Stay consistent--being true to each and every step of the selling process from Non-business conversations through service after the sale. Stay calmly patient--each customer deserves your very best interactions.

Stay focused--provide every customer the opportunity to become a repeat customer, by making certain they are pleased with the product purchased, the service you provided and the stated invitation to return after the holidays.

Stay positive--smiling, exuding positive energy, and being willing to go beyond the expected level of sales interaction will create the memories that cause customers to return to be a part of your Satisfaction Group!

Remembering why you chose the profession of sales--to provide each customer with the highest degree of service combined with the highest quality product at a fair price to consistently satisfy their purchasing desires--will keep you at the top of your professional skills! In turn, your commitment to excellence and impeccability determines the overall outcome of your sales during the holiday season.

Ultimately, successful selling during the holiday season distills to Treating Customers the Way that YOU Enjoy Being Treated!


FINAO - Brad Huisken

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