posted: Friday, September 22, 2017

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Unless you are an artisan who creates and markets your own products, chances are high that your customer can purchase that merchandise from anyone in town. If price is not significantly different, the fact that customers are choosing to buy from YOU is a Big Deal!

We've discussed before how important it is to believe in yourself and to let your Sparkle show in all that you do. Coupled with valuing yourself to be the Sparkle is the act of selling the Product!

  • BELIEVE! Actually being convinced to the most inner parts of your soul that your products have the highest quality, and best combination of features at the best price creates in your customers the principal of VALUE. Your true beliefs will shine through as you sparkle with your customer!

  • KISS! (Keep It Simple, Silly!) Relating to your buyer in their world creates the knowledge for them that "their salesperson" actually gets them! Trying to sell products based upon standards that are not meaningful to them forces the customer to tune you out, just out of self-preservation. (Kind of like your high school history teacher imparting the lessons of the Battle of Gettysburg when all you care about is the upcoming Prom!) Listening to the shopper's wants, ideas and concerns tailors THIS sale to THIS buyer.

  • CUSTOMIZING YOUR PRESENTATION. By listening to the customer's cues, you gain the information necessary to tailoring the comments you make in discussing the features and benefits of the product. Some people adopt an All-Business Attitude during a buying conversation. Others prefer to have a humorous dialogue with their salesperson. Being sensitive to both what the customer says and how they act is vital to your success as their salesperson.

  • SPARKLE! Bring your sparkle to your presentation. Showcase the best features of both your product and your sweet self!

  • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE. Knowing completely all about your product is essential to the sales process. Sooner or later, someone will ask you a question for which you purely do not have an answer. Suck it up, Buttercup and admit that! Then proceed to GET that answer as quickly as you can. It is vital that the most factual answer to the question is given to the customer. (Some customers make it a priority to challenge you, just to test your willingness to go the extra mile!)

  • GROW! Each and every time you interact with a customer, seek an area in which you can improve your skills. "Could my product demo benefit from some fine-tuning?" "Did I make my buyer feel comfortable and secure in their purchase?" "Did I make every aspect of the transaction flow as smoothly as possible?" "What is next in my development as a person and as a Super Salesperson?"

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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