Solidifying the Sale

posted: Friday, May 19, 2017

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You have now successfully closed the sale or maybe even executed a turnover in order to save the sale; now it’s time to solidify the sale. What a salesperson does after a sale is often just as important as what they do to make the sale.

Once the sale is made, the next goal is to begin or to deepen the relationship with the customer that will encourage future sales (repeat business).

  • Use the customer's name: As in any growing relationship, expressing warmth toward the customer and using his or her name personalizes and adds value to the customer/salesperson relationship. Frequently using their name locks it into your brain and makes it more likely that the customer will use your name, which can often be the first step in establishing a long-term selling relationship.

  • Express your gratitude for the sale: Acknowledging the honor that the customer gives you by allowing you to serve them demonstrates respect between your customer and you. Sincerely and honestly thanking them for the sale reflects your regard for the opportunity to meet their need. Conversely, a hasty or insincere thanks demonstrates much disrespect toward the customer and "pushes them out the door" along with any chance for future sales.

  • Use the words I and you: Appropriately interacting with the customer and the information he or she has shared with you acknowledges that you are interested in them and opens possibilities for adding meaning to your budding relationship. The use of words like I and you does exactly that. “I know you will be happy with your purchase; it will fit perfectly into your home.” Your expressed interest in the customer and their "world" creates the building blocks for establishing a relationship that will lead to more sales.

  • Review the benefits: It’s important to review the benefits and the reasons why the customer made the purchase, it reinforces their buying decision. The salesperson found out what the customers’ needs were in the Needs Assessment and set out to fulfill those needs. Now it’s time to review that information in order to solidify the sale. By taking the time to do this at the end of a sale, the chance that the customer will cancel the sale or return the item becomes less likely. Skillfully weaving this part of the sale into the conversation while connecting both need and resolution also lets the customer know that their satisfaction is paramount. It is also an earmark of an excellent salesperson!

  • Invite your customer back: As with your personal relationships, communicating the wish for future contact or the desire to serve them again soon, lets the customer know that he or she is a valued part of your business. Invite them back or ask permission to call them in a few days to see how their new purchase is working for them. (Caution: do not ask permission if you have no intent or desire to call them--it will be perceived as dishonest/sleazy!) Let them know how much you enjoyed working with them

Solidifying the sale is a cornerstone to completing the interaction with your customer and provides the opening for continued repeat business.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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