posted: Friday, August 31, 2012

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We talk a lot about how we can use every day events in providing the highest quality of customer service. Maybe someone is buying an engagement ring and a salesperson can enjoy that moment with their customer, that’s customer service. Sharing in someone’s happiness is, frankly, one of the easiest ways to provide the type of customer service that we are always striving for. In that spirit, I want to share a story with you that goes above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect.

We all know what our military has given up for this country, both in the past and what they are sacrificing now; whatever we can do for them is never enough. The story begins with a solider coming home from the Middle East and a chain restaurant that found out about the party that the family was planning. A representative of the local restaurant got in touch with the family and asked them if they would allow the company to pay for the party. Not only did they pay for the party, they supplied all of the food, closed the restaurant down for the party, provided all of the decorations and provided waiter/waitress service. It is typically a restaurant that does not provide that type of service; it’s more of a fast-food place usually. The welcome home party was incredible and everyone from the returning hero to the family to the staff had a blast. It’s a night that none of them will ever forget.

Did the company lose money that night? Sure they did. Did they gain hundreds of customers for the rest of their lives? I am betting on it. Now this doesn’t mean you should start running out and giving away your product, but what it does mean is this: any business relies on the community that it is a part of and giving back to that community is always good customer service.

Customer service takes many forms, but giving back to your customers is one of the best. Your customers, especially your loyal ones, give so much to you. Every now and then it is ok to give back. If more businesses did, then our communities will be better because of it.

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