The Power of Thank You Notes

posted: Friday, February 3, 2017

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The holidays are over along with the busiest season for salespeople, so some of you may be asking what now?

Now is the time to go to work on your repeat customer base and possibly pick up some referrals along the way. How, you ask?

This is the perfect time to send thank you notes, make follow-up calls and maybe even reach out to those customers you haven’t heard from in a while. Sending a thank you note to the gentleman who bought a necklace for his wife for Christmas may lead to him coming back to see you when his daughter graduates from high school in six months.

The young man who purchased an engagement ring from you probably has many friends who are thinking of doing the same thing in the coming months. A thank you note from you may lead to him telling all of those friends about the great experience he had with you.

Many if not most of you understand what goes into the making of a good thank you note but here are a few reminders.

  • Handwritten is best: We want our thank you notes to be personal and memorable, and a typed or computer generated note does not do that. In fact, it often has the opposite effect. If you are going to write thank you notes, take the time to handwrite them.
  • Write your thank you note right after you complete the transaction. In this way it will be fresh in your memory so you can relate some personal information. (For example: I hope your family from Pittsburgh enjoyed hiking with you.) Then the connection will begin.
  • Make it personal: Include something in each note that is unique to that customer. Maybe it was a conversation you had with them about where they were spending the holidays. “I hope your trip to see your son in California for the holidays was a special one.” That tells the customer you listened and care about what they told you. A generic thank you note is likely to be thrown in the trash, whereas one that is personal in likely to be kept, and remembered.
  • Ask for their business again: After you have thanked them for their purchase and made it personal, don’t be afraid to ask for their business again. Simply say, “Thank you again and I hope I can assist you with any of your future jewelry needs.” Make sure you include your contact information (a few business cards) in the note.

You had a great holiday season of selling and while it will slow down, that doesn’t mean you should. Take the time to write thank you notes and that slow time will be shorter than you think.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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