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posted: Friday, May 5, 2017

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If you have been a salesperson longer than a day, then you have had to deal with an upset customer. It's part of the business and there's virtually no way to avoid it however there are ways to deal with an upset customer and if you do it right, maybe that upset customer can become a repeat customer.

The first thing to remember is that when a customer is upset of angry, it's vital that you as a salesperson let them get it out. Allow them to tell you what the problem is before trying to solve it. Any attempt to try and solve the problem before the customer is finished is not going to work.

Once the customer is finished telling you what the problem is, you must acknowledge it and give their complaint credence. If a salesperson does not do that and tries to ignore the complaint, then the customer is likely to walk right out the door. If, however, you acknowledge the problem then you have opened a dialogue that can lead to a solution that works for both of you.

As you and the customer talk and move closer to a resolution, then you can start thinking in terms of establishing a repeat customer. Think about it: if a customer walks in upset and you take the time and make the effort to solve whatever their issue is, then odds are decent that they are going remember what you did for them.

A quick example of what it might look like. Tom comes in and he's upset that the diamond necklace he bought for his wife is not ready for pickup and the party is that night. After allowing Tom to vent and get it all out, the salesperson would be smart to say something like this.

"I'm sorry for the delay and I understand the importance of getting that necklace to you before tonight, let me check on that for you."

After checking into it, you discover that the necklace is ready but for whatever reason no one called the customer to let him know if was ready. You walk out with the necklace and explain to the customer what happened, apologize, and offer to gift wrap it for him.

Tom is extremely happy that he has his gift for his wife and grateful to you for solving is problem. You have turned an upset customer into one who is likely to return.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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