posted: Thursday, May 2, 2019

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Change is a must; we’ve all heard, that and it’s true. Sometimes change is for the good, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes it depends on the person. A change might be good news for me but bad news for you. How does this relate to the field of sales? I’m so glad you asked.

No matter what you are selling, change is going to happen. They can be little changes such as a new POS System or a slight change in hours, or they can be bigger changes. Some bigger changes might be something along the lines of cancelling a popular line of merchandise or introducing a new return policy. It doesn’t matter what the change is, it’s going to meet with some resistance among customers.

It’s only natural that a customer not be too welcoming to change, especially at a business that they frequent often. As a company, though, change in unavoidable. So how do we ease our customers’ concerns while still evolving with the world we live in?

There are a lot of answers to that question, but the number one thing is communication. People, customers in this case, get scared of change when they don’t understand why it’s happening. My wife and I go to a hotel in the mountains every year for a few days just to get away. Over the past couple of years, new owners have taken over and have made some big changes, and a lot of those changes have not been popular. Despite this, we decided to give it one more year.

What happened this year as opposed to last year was communication. Last year when we asked about some of the changes, we were given the run around or people avoided the question. This year, however, we were given reasonable explanations as to why the changes took place. We may not agree with all the changes but now that we understand them, we will continue to go back.

No matter what you are selling, changes in how you sell it, or even what you sell, are going to happen. Your customers are going to balk at those changes, but if you take the time to explain why those changes are happening, your customers are more likely to understand.

Remember you can make all the changes you want, but don’t forget the customers. You don’t want them to change salespeople because you didn’t communicate with them.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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