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posted: Friday, December 21, 2018

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Every year the holidays seem to get here faster and faster. If salespeople have a Super Bowl, this is yet. It’s a chance to cap off a good year or to turn a rough one into a good one. In order to do that there are some things to remember that are unique to the holidays.

  • One customer at a time: It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially as the holidays get closer and things get busy, but the professional salesperson stays focused on what is in front of them. Take the time necessary with each customer and ensure that they are completely satisfied when they walk out the door. Yes, you may lose a chance or two at other customers by taking the time, but chances are you will gain a few repeat customers, and in the end that’s more important.

  • Understand the needs/wants of your customer: I’m talking less about what they are shopping for and more about what kind of shoppers they are. Some people love this time of year and want to take their time. Others only shop at this time of year and they want to get in and out as soon as possible. Follow their lead and if they want to talk and look at all their options, then go with it. If they want to buy and get out as quickly as possible, then help them do that.

  • Don’t lose sight of the future: You are probably never going to have more customers in a short period of time than you are during the holidays. If you provide excellent customer service, then it is possible that the person who bought a necklace for their wife will be back in July to by something for her birthday. Selling is about building a repeat customer base and the holidays provide salespeople an opportunity to do that.

  • Take the time to be grateful: If you are selling big ticket items, make sure you set aside some time to write thank you notes. Yes, it is harder to find the time during the holidays, but the effort will be worth it. We talked about building a repeat customer base and this is another way to do that. A customer is going to appreciate and remember a thank you note that they receive in early January.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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