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posted: Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Is there time in this microwave world for the non-business conversation? Before you answer that question, try answering this one: Do you value repeat customers and the referrals that they may give you? If the answer to that question is yes, then the answer to the first question most logically is yes.

There’s no doubt that the art of the non-business conversation has taken a hit in recent years but that makes it more valuable, not less. If fewer salespeople are using it as a tool, then it’s another way for you to separate yourself from the crowd. Most people would choose to do business with a person rather than with a robot. In modern society, it is possible that interacting with salespeople may be the only human conversation that a customer may have all day. In that case, that 30 second interaction may truly be a contribution to the world!

There are numerous advantages in taking the time necessary to engage your customers in a non-business conversation. The first of those advantages is obvious, it starts to establish a rapport and a trust with that customer. It’s a lot easier to sell to someone who already feels at ease with you. Isn’t five minutes of talking about a movie, sports or anything else worth building a level of trust that might lead to a customer for life? Of course it is! Take the time!

If the customer is comfortable with you, it makes it easier to find out what they want/need because they are going to be more likely to be open and honest with you. That, in turn, makes it easier for you to get them exactly what they want. Are you picking up on a pattern here? It’s a cycle that continually builds trust and that cycle almost always begins with a non-business conversation.

How do you get into a non-business conversation? Don’t force it, let it come naturally. If a prospect is wearing a shirt with a sports team on it, comment on it. That can often lead to a non-business conversation. Many times to customer will lead you into a non-business conversation; you just have to be willing to follow and not be too anxious to skip that step. Keeping your conversational skills honed and toned and at the ready makes them easier and quicker to be of use to you!

A customer may say, "I am shopping for an engagement ring," and that can often be an opening for you to ask how they met, or when the big day is. Now the customer is talking about something that is probably fun for them. That puts them at ease and now you can easily transition into talking about the style of rings that might work for his fiancée.

Non-business conversations take time but not as much time as you think, and they produce results, not the least of which is humanness! Take the time and reap the rewards!

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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