Customer Service Fundamentals

posted: Saturday, November 18, 2017

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Understanding the subtleties of quality customer service is essential to consistently providing the positive interaction which builds the reputation and renown throughout your customer base. Customers clamor to receive great customer service all of the time. Clearly, great customer service is recognized when extra touches are added which rock the customer in positive ways. It is a great experience to provide customer service that merits positive feedback from the customer to the company, the management, other customers, the salesperson, and anyone else who will listen. So what are the basic qualities of fabulous customer service?

  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: A salesperson who exudes a positive attitude takes pride in how their appearance reflects the desire to engage with customers. Being cheerful and welcoming gives the message of looking forward to the interaction with the customer; enthusiasm translates into confidence that the customers' retail needs will be completely met.

  • PERSONALITY: The salesperson who can interact with customers in such a way that communicates compatibility, compassion, humor, sincerity, and honesty are winners every time!

  • EXPERTISE: Extensive background with regard to the features and benefits of each product in the store eases the experience from the point of view of the customer. The more confidently that a salesperson can guide a customer toward making the purchase that best meets their needs, the more stellar the purchase becomes to the mind of the customer. (But what if I'm a newbie with this product? The concern is understood, but if one considers that basic product knowledge is an immediate job skill, the Newbie can devote the time essential to product knowledge as quickly as possible. In other words, make the time to learn all about your product: your livelihood depends on it!)

  • ENGAGEMENT: During the course of the product demonstration, interacting with the customer in such a way that encourages/demands personal involvement with the uses of the purchase, increases rapport with the client and positive feelings about the product, while eliciting purchasing objections. Thoughtfully considering and satisfying each of those objections smoothly imparts to the customer that they have been heard, that you care about their ability to gain the most from their purchase and that their concern, while worthy of an answer, need not be a deal-breaker.

  • PERCEPTION: The ability to interpret signals from the customer that they have finalized a buying decision is a critical skill and turning point in the sales transaction. Most of us are not fond of the concept of parting with our cash. Period. The ability of the salesperson to remove the concern/doubt/fear/reluctance from the buyer in a caring, smooth fashion further builds confidence in the customer about the product, the overall transaction, and the wondrous ability of the salesperson with whom they are interacting!

  • SERVICE: Assuring the customer that should a need arise, the salesperson and the company, at large, will stand behind the sale and the customer’s choice of product. This skill allows the customer to be reassured, valued, and confident that this was the best decision EVER!

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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