How One Simple Tool Ended My Hero to Zero Problem

posted: Friday, October 6, 2017

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Today’s Sales Insight was written by Ken Mahar of

It's happened to all of us.

You have a record-breaking month, and the following month you face-plant. It’s happened to me so many times they called me “Magic Mountain Mahar” because my volume chart resembled a roller coaster.

I knew why it was occurring, but I didn’t know what to do about it. As each month ended, I would use all my willpower and skills to close those people I had been following up with all month, but by the time I recovered from that effort it was the 10th of the next month and I was behind the pack.

Then I found a tool that changed everything.

Suddenly I was crushing my quota, outperforming everyone, and leaving 1 minute after closing time, whistling all the way to the bank. Management couldn’t have been happier about my consistent performance. I was finally working smarter, instead of harder.

You see, I finally figured out a way to follow up with ALL my prospects, regardless of how many I stacked up. Every day, I just added unclosed prospects to my new system and my sales grew every month. The best part—it didn't take any of my sales time.

Gone were the days of prejudging who was “worthy of follow-up”, only to see someone I had written off buying from another salesperson.

Gone were the days of trying to follow up with everyone on the phone, only to miss a huge lay-down.

With this new tool, I could focus ALL of my attention on the opportunity in front of me, knowing that I had a follow-up up system looking after ALL of my previous prospects 24/7.

Are you curious to know my secret? You might not believe me, but it was email marketing. Most people think of email marketing as "newsletters", but I was using it as a killer follow-up tool (and I still am).

If I couldn't close a prospect on the spot, I trained myself to always get an email address to "stay in touch." Then I would take 28 seconds to add the prospect to my automated email follow-up system, including a personalized note about our conversation.

I continued making regular phone calls, following up personally with my hottest prospects. But when I got busy, my email follow-up system never quit working. Week after week, they received a great email from me—without any effort on my part. Prospects I had forgotten about were now calling ME!

If you're tired of going from hero to zero, this is the tool for you. Instead of starting over each month, imagine an ever-growing list of prospects receiving follow-up messages you don't even have to create and every month being better than the last. Now that's working smart!

If you're interested in hearing more, please contact me, Ken Mahar, at 805-316-3201 x101 or visit us at and tell us that Brad Huisken sent you and you’ll receive the Bradley Bonus.

Email Broadcast, founded in 2000, is a full-service email marketing agency that helps businesses grow their sales by utilizing today’s number one Internet marketing tool. Email Broadcast handles all aspects of its clients email campaigns including strategy, design, copywriting, delivery, reporting, list building, website integration, automation, and more.

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