Summer To-Do List

posted: Friday, June 8, 2018

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Another summer is here and most people love this time of year. There are vacations, the kids are out of school, and trips to the pool are a staple. For salespeople, though, summer can be a tough time of year depending on what you are selling. People are busy and are not always interested in shopping. So, the question becomes: is there anything a salesperson can do to help with those summer blues?

The answer is yes, and it really comes back to the fundamentals of selling, let’s look at what you can do to thrive while others are water skiing.

  • Set goals: Setting goals is always important for a salesperson, but setting realistic goals during “slow times” is a great way to maintain your productivity. The goals may be less than what they would be at other times of the year, but they give you something to shoot for. Take the time to set daily goals, weekly goals, and goals for the summer. Be sure to set your goals based on history from the same time of year in past years.

  • Focus on the customer: You may have fewer customers in the summer, but that also gives you more time to spend with each of them. Take the time to have non-business conversations, get to know your customers, and work on establishing and growing your repeat customer base. If you establish relationships during this slow time, then those customers are likely to return during busier times.

  • Use the time wisely: There are probably times, no matter what you are selling, when all you have time for is moving from one customer to another. The summer is a good time to refamiliarize yourself with all your inventory and review your presentation. It is also a time to get caught up on thank you notes and maintain contact with your customer base.

  • Relax: It is summer, and others are taking a break from reality for a reason. If you are able, don’t forget to give yourself some time to enjoy the pool, the mountains, the beach and the family. Sometimes the best thing a salesperson can do to get better is relax and recharge.

Summer is generally slower when it comes to selling but if you understand the process, there’s no reason you can’t hear a few “I’ll take its” during these warmer months.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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