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posted: Friday, January 11, 2019

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No matter how long a salesperson has been in the field, there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes all it takes is reviewing the small things that you’ve known your whole career but tend to get lost in the day-to-day race to close just one more sale.

Here’s a few reminders of some simple things that can make a world of difference.

  • Find common ground with every customer: Sometimes it might be a love for the local sports team, sometimes it might be the product you are selling or something else. Whatever it is, if you can find some common ground, then you’ve gone a long way to establishing a rapport that will be very beneficial to you and the customer.

  • Practice active listening: We talk about listening a lot, but the art of active listening is so important in the field of sales. Make sure you are listening to everything the customer is saying, and make sure you are addressing all of their wants and needs. Sometimes it’s easy to rush through an interaction with a customer because you’ve done it so many times, and believe you’ve heard everything. Just remember that every customer is different with different needs, and the only way you are going to know what their needs are is if you take the time to really listen.

  • Don’t guess: If you do not know the answer to a customer’s question, don’t guess. Be honest and say you don’t know but you will find out, then go find the answer. Nothing will drive a customer away faster than if they think they are being lied to.

  • Practice during the set-up and slow times: No reason to sit around doing nothing during the slow times, might just as well do some training and self-improvement.

  • Be careful with your words: When you are talking to a customer, make sure you are speaking in a way that will promote a personal connection. Stay away from company and industry jargon that will only bore the customer. Make it a conversation and not a presentation, and success will follow.

These are just a few things to remind yourselves of every now and then. The relationship with your customers is the most important thing you have, and these tips will assist you in cultivating relationships.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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