Interviewing - Part Three!

posted: Friday, March 12, 2010

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Now we have interviewed two to three different applicants that we liked enough to bring back for a second time. The moment has come to make the final decision on which candidates we are going to add to our team. I am going to give you some things to consider and some hiring don'ts. However, there is one thing that should always been on the forefront of your mind: how does this person I am going to hire fit in with the rest of the team? Although salespeople often work independently, the team plays a critical role. The impact on the team must be a strong consideration.

When making the decision, here are some things to consider:
  • The answers to your interview questions
  • Their ability to carry on a conversation
  • Did they maintain consistent, direct eye contact with you
  • Their skills, ability and knowledge
  • Their internal drive
  • Your gut feeling
All of those should be taken into consideration as you make your final decision, but never underestimate what your instincts are telling you. This is especially true if you are deciding between two candidates who are very equal in everything from experience to their knowledge and abilities. In that case, it is often going to come down to what you feel inside. Trust that feeling; it is going to be right far more than it's not.
There are, however, some hiring don'ts:
  • Don't judge all applicants based on one great interview
  • Don't eliminate applicants just because they may be overqualified
  • Don't eliminate applicants who may have to take a pay decrease
  • Don't eliminate applicants who are asking for more money than you can offer
  • Don't lose control of the interview
  • Don't waste time with people you know won't work out
  • Don't sell the position first
  • Don't allow any prejudices in your decision making
You know who you want to hire and add to your team, and you are very happy and comfortable with your decision, now what? No matter how qualified your new employee may be, there is going to be some training involved. Next time we will look at training your new salesperson.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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