Training Part 4!

posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Last time when we talked about what goes into effective training of your employees, we left off with the idea that the person we are training must have an understanding of what he/she is being taught. This time, I would like to continue talking about effective training and some more keys to ensure all of your salespeople are as prepared as they possibly can be.

The trainee must be able to role-play what he/she is being taught- Once your trainee has demonstrated to you that they have a firm grasp on what they have learned, then the next step is to role-play and allow them to continue to demonstrate their knowledge in more of a realistic setting. Role-playing allows you as the sales manager another tool to evaluate if they have absorbed the information. For the trainee it serves two primary purposes, the first of those obviously being an opportunity to demonstrate that they know and understand the information they have been given. The second is that it provides them with "real life" opportunities to apply what they have learned. Role-playing should take place in short segments at first, in this way people will become more comfortable in role-playing.

The sales manager must observe and give coaching on live demonstrations- After your trainee has demonstrated their knowledge and completed some role-playing; it is time to see how they will do in the "real world" so to speak. There is no substitute for being able to apply your tools in everyday situations. Once the trainee is able to show that he/she is able to apply all of the tools and is confident in their abilities, then the sales manager can be equally as confident that they will be an effective salesperson.

As we wrap up today, here are five criteria to remember for training successfully:
  • The trainee must hear the information.
  • The trainee must read the information.
  • The trainee must give written comprehension of the information.
  • The trainee must role-play the information.
  • The trainee must apply the information in live situations.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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