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posted: Friday, September 12, 2014

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Pet peeves, we all have them and the field of sales or customer service is no different. You could ask 100 different salespeople what their pet peeves are and probably get 1,000 different pet peeves. There are a few that make my list and they drive me nuts every time I encounter them.

  • Talking on the phone while a customer stands right in front of you: This drives me insane and it seemingly happens to me all of the time. Just recently I went into a restaurant to pick up some food and stood there for five minutes while the employee took an order over the phone. It should be noted that the phone rang after I was there. The customer in front of you is more important than the one on the phone. That doesn’t mean the customer on the phone isn’t important, but they are on the phone, while the customer in front of you made the effort to come see you.
  • Ignoring customers to complete tasks that can wait: Every salesperson has paperwork to complete, phone calls to make and other duties as a part of their job. However there’s no task more important than serving the customer because without them, there is no paperwork, no phone calls to make and no other duties.
  • Not listening: The customer knows more than anyone what they want, salespeople must take the time to listen. If a customer says they want an engagement ring that is white gold, then don’t show them your yellow gold inventory. That maybe an extreme example but it makes the point. Listen to what each customer wants, let them respond to what you present and answer every question.
  • Moving too quickly: As salespeople, we would like to help as many customers as possible. That’s normal, that’s how we get paid, but be careful not to go too quickly. Make sure you are finished with your current customer, and that that are happy and satisfied before moving on.
  • Too much jargon: Just be careful that you are giving your customers information that they can understand. Every field has its own language, make it customer friendly.

You may understand what 500 mega bytes means, but the customer buying their first computer probably does not. Those are five of my pet peeves, what are yours?

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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