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posted: Thursday, October 15, 2020

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As 2020 drags on, salespeople continue to find their way through these unprecedented times. Recently, we have talked about different ways for salespeople to maintain connections with their customers and still provide a high quality of customer service.

One of the things we have touched on is using the phone, and even zoom technology, to meet the needs of your customers. With that said, this is a good time to review how to provide quality customer service via the phone/zoom.

  • Stand up: This may sound silly but when talking to a customer via the phone, stand up and move around if possible. The simple act of moving around provides energy and that will translate to your customer.

  • Smile: Everyone knows that a simple smile can go a long way in face to face interactions, but the same is true when speaking to a customer via phone. If a salesperson is smiling while talking on the phone, chances are high that the customer will actually be able to hear your smile.

  • Use their name: We talk about this all of the time; people love to hear their name and every time you use their name you create a connection with the customer. Everyone gets distracted and it is even easier to get distracted via the phone or zoom, but by continuing to use your customer’s name you can keep their attention.

  • Verbal nods: These are taking for granted when we are face to face, but they are vital when speaking to a customer via the phone. A verbal nod is something as simple as ah, yes. It is a way to acknowledge that you are still engaged without having to interrupt the customer. The lack of these verbal nods may lead to customer to believe that you are not paying attention.

  • Use a framework: Stay away from using a one size fits all script because those are impersonal and have the opposite effect of the desired one. However, there is nothing wrong with having a basic framework of the points you want to hit. Once on the phone, have a conversation with your customer and make your points within that conversation. Customers are more likely to respond in a positive manner if they feel like they are a part of a conversation rather than being talked at.

  • Make it Personal: Remember to always relate back some kind of personal information that you have discussed in the past. The birth of a child, a graduation or retirement, etc. A short reference to personalized information will go a long way in making and maintaining a friendship.

We would all prefer the face-to-face interactions that we are used to, but by following these simple tools, we can maintain our relationships with our customers.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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