When did it happen?

posted: Friday, March 19, 2010

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When did it happen that, "Not a Problem" became an acceptable way to thank a customer after they have made a purchase? Is it just me, am I getting old and set in my ways, or do others think that a customer should feel like a confetti cannon just went off in their heads after they have made a purchase from a company? We all need to be thankful of the fact that we have customers and let them know how much they are appreciated, especially after they have made a purchase. Yes, that's right; I am saying you should even thank someone who didn't buy from you. At least they gave you an opportunity to get to know them and plant a seed for a future purchase. I don't care if the customer didn't spend a dime, spent $10.00, or $10,000. We need to let customers know that they are appreciated

I'm hearing all kinds of unacceptable ways of finalizing a sale that just drive me crazy. To say to a customer, "Your receipt is in the bag", "Not a problem", "Let me know if you have any problems", "Here you go", "Enjoy", just doesn't cut it. Do you really want a customer's last impression of you and your organization to be, "Not a problem?" I contend that, "Not a problem", is a problem. I think that when a customer leaves a store, they need to feel appreciated to the point where they feel so good about the experience, that they might just tell others about the company. Again, word of mouth advertising is, by far, the most powerful form of advertising that there is. No question about it. You cannot buy a more effective form of advertising than one person telling another person how great a particular company is to deal with.

Therefore, here are some tips for thanking customers and inviting them back:
  1. Sincerely thank the customer
  2. Use their name
  3. Use the words I and you
  4. Review the reasons that they bought the item
  5. Invite them back

For example, "Peggy, I really want to thank you for coming in today. I think you made a great decision. I know that Bob is really going to enjoy his new watch. The two-tone band will give him versatility, and the sapphire crystal will give him the durability that you mentioned. Will you do me a favor? Next time you are in the area, stop back in and let me know how much he is enjoying his new timepiece. Thank you again."

FINAO - Brad Huisken - IAS Training

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