posted: Friday, March 4, 2011

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We've discussed buying signs and asking for the sale, and those are both key components to a salesperson being able to close effectively. The entirety of a salesperson's presentation is important, of course, but it is often the close that brings it all together. Your presentation may be flawless, but if you are unable to close the deal, then what are you accomplishing? For you baseball fans, how frustrating is it for you to watch your team dominate for eight innings, only to watch the closer blow it in the ninth? Let's review some of the different closing techniques so you can continue to win in the ninth.

The first close I want to touch on is the add-on close. As you know, it is exactly what it sounds like. Once a customer decides to buy a necklace for instance, a salesperson might say something like "These earrings go great with that necklace." Often times once the customer has made the decision to buy, they are relieved and are starting to picture wearing that necklace to a party. It then becomes very easy for them to see themselves also wearing the earrings that you just suggested.

The add-on close is also a customer service. We've all bought items that once we get them home, we determine that in order to use said item another item is needed. The most common one, of course, being batteries. The customer then becomes upset with the salesperson for not selling them everything they needed in order to use their new product. In the example above, it is up to the customer to say no to the earrings. Never say no for the customer; adding-on should be a part of every sale.

The add-on does not have to cost less, although that is probably the most common occurrence. Looking at the necklace example again, it is quite possible that the earrings you are trying to add-on cost more than the necklace. The simple statement of, "These earrings would look great with that necklace" led to an increase in your sales, and increased the satisfaction of your customer.

Add-ons are a great way to close, but they also provide excellent customer service and often will lead to a repeat customer base. A professional salesperson will attempt to add-on in every sale.

Will have more on Add-ons next week.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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