Build Your Personal Trade and Repeat Customer Base during the Holidays

posted: Friday, November 22, 2013

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One of the things that often gets lost during the holidays is the fact that it's a great time for salespeople to add to their repeat customer base. It's true that most customers aren't thinking about a long-term relationship with any salesperson while trying to get their holiday shopping done, but that doesn't mean the salespeople should not be thinking that way.

A customer comes in on December 15th to buy a necklace for his girlfriend and the salesperson is able to help him find exactly what he wants. During the transaction, they begin to talk and the salesperson learns that the young man is planning on proposing in the spring.

The two continue to talk and the conversation eventually turns to what type of engagement ring the customer might be interested in. The conversation leads them to actually looking at rings and talking about different type of designs, and settings. As they are talking, the customer talks about how he and his girlfriend met and how he is going to propose. The two also talk about where the wedding is going to be and possible honeymoon spots. At this time have the customer complete a Profile or VIP Card, get permission for a follow-up phone call, make some personalized notes and further insure that a sale will be made in the future.

At the end of the conversation, the customer walks out of store knowing that when the time is right, he will return. The salesperson took the time to listen during a busy time and assisted a customer on a potential purchase in the future. In the end, the salesperson might have spent 15 extra minutes with the customer but he probably ended up closing two sales.

That's a specific example, but a salesperson can establish a repeat customer during the holiday season just simply by being professional. If a customer has had two or three bad experiences during their holiday shopping, and you provide excellent customer service then chances are they are going to remember that.

The holidays are crazy for everyone, especially salespeople, but that doesn't mean you can't increase your repeat customer base. The fact is if you take the time and provide the best possible customer service to everyone you work with this holiday season, then chances are a lot of them will return.

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