The Holidays are a Great Time to Add On

posted: Friday, December 20, 2013

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Adding on is a great way to increase sales at anytime of the year, and the holidays are no different. In fact, it should be easier to add on during this time of year. Customers are almost always shopping for more than one or two people, and if they are reminded of that, then you have an opportunity to increase your sales.

A gentleman comes in to buy a set of diamond earrings for his wife and through the selling process, you learn that he also has a daughter. He looks at three or four sets of earrings before deciding on the one he wants. There’s one thing you don’t want to forget.

Not only did you learn that the customer has a daughter but you also now know that she is about to turn 16, and her father is very proud of her. This is a perfect opportunity to try and add on. You can simply say something like, “Now that we’ve taken care of your wife; what about that daughter of yours?” The customer, more than likely, is going to buy something for his daughter and if he can do it without going to another store, then chances are pretty good that he’s going to take advantage of that.

You know your inventory and what you have that would be appropriate for a 16 year old girl, but just as an example, maybe you could offer him a necklace that has her birth stone? The customer may or may not buy the first thing you suggest but the conversation is now open, and may well lead to an additional sale.

The add on part does not have to end with only one; it never hurts to ask “Is there anyone else on your list that we might be able to help you with?” Chances are the customer is going to go through a quick checklist in their head and you just never know, they may say “Actually, yes there is,” and you have another sale.

Next time we will look at the mindset of holiday shoppers; it's not always pretty.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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