The Little Things Matter

posted: Monday, January 13, 2014

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There are always things, as a salesperson that I learn going through the holiday season and 2013 was no different. As I went from store to store, there were things I liked, some I didn’t and some that made me scratch my head. The biggest take away for me was that little things matter as it relates to customer service.

Too often customer service is thought of as something big or something that only happens during the actual interaction between a salesperson and a customer. The reality is that the little things that no one talks about are often far more important than the so called bigger acts of customer service. Here are a few things I noticed over the past couple of months; some impressed me and some left me wanting more.

  • There were numerous examples of salespeople helping customers get bigger purchases loaded into their car. That’s great, it’s something that takes five minutes but it is also something that the customer probably appreciates more than you think.
  • On the other side of that I saw a salesperson turn down a customer who asked for assistance in getting a big purchase to their car because, as far as I can tell, they wanted to get to another customer. I understand the thinking, but leaving the first customer hanging is not ok, finish the sale by doing the little things.
  • When did gift wrapping become something people charge for? That should be an easy way to provide a customer service and too many people are now charging a fee. Especially on larger purchases, gift wrapping should be a part of the service. It’s a simple act of customer service and too many people are no longer taking advantage of it.
  • We’ll end the day on a very positive note; I witnessed a salesperson leave the store to go help a customer in the parking lot. Why? The customer used a cane and was having difficulty with the icy conditions. The salesperson grabbed a cart and took it to the customer who was then able to use the cart for stability as they walked into the store. That’s the definition of a little thing; it had nothing to do with selling but it had everything to do with doing what’s right.

Little things do matter, and customers are just as likely to remember that you held the door open for them just as much as anything else you might do during the presentation.

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